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Environment Management Services Division

SHRIRAM ENVIROTECH PROVIDES engineering and scientific services primarily related to environmental, health and safety issues.
INVOLVES clients in the process from start to finish. SOLVES your Environment Protection related problems in an efficient and cost-effective manner.


Our Mission

Our mission is to provide exceptional environmental, health and safety services to clients who are striving to achieve or maintain cost-effective, long-term environmental responsibility and regulatory compliance.

Our Services

Environmental Compliance
From multimedia compliance audit to media-specific permit applications, SHRIRAM ENVIROTECH can help you achieve and sustain compliance at your facilities.

Environmental Planning/Impact Analysis
SHRIRAM ENVIROTECH offers wetlands delineation, biological and cultural resource assessments, and other environmental planning services.

Environmental Site Assessments
Don't buy more than you bargained for. Let SHRIRAM ENVIROTECH help you effectively manage environmental risks/liabilities associated with real estate.

Hazardous Materials/Waste
Whether you have leaking underground storage tanks or want to ensure proper hazardous materials management in your work place, SHRIRAM ENVIROTECH can help.

Health and Safety
A safe work place, is a productive work place. We offer inspections, training, and plan development.

Solid Waste
As a true solid waste specialty firm, providing professional engineering services to owners and operators of solid waste facilities is one of our major lines of business.