Our Achievements

Our Achievements

We have successfully achieved 100% recycling and reuse of treated effluent in various STPs and ETPs at different location in Punjab.

Case Study: 100% Treated water diverted to reuse

Problem: Many of our clients of academic institutions, army areas, and hospitals were facing problems due to inefficient treatment of their effluent from their facility and their ETP/STP was completely mismanaged and staff was not able to maintain the efficient treatment of effluent coming from the institute, hostels and other facilities/ department.
ShriRam Envirotech team was approached by the institute officials and asked for operation and maintenance of the plant. Improper operation, inefficient secondary treatment was found to be the main reason of ineffective treatment.

Solution: We deployed our own staff at site and operated the plant as per the designed parameters. Within a month we were able to reuse the whole treated effluent to the horticulture. Bacteria were regenerated in the aeration tanks and daily monitoring and proper operation lead the treatment efficiency up to 90%.

We are ISO 9001:2008 and 14001:2004. certified company in Jalandhar.

Problem: We have established our own testing lab, Shriram Testing center (our sister firm) for water and waste water with the latest equipments and in accordance with the standard norms of Central and State Pollution Control Boards.

We are the legal advisor of "Laghu Udyog Bharti" Jalandhar division for Environment management consultancy and pollution control services.